Legal & Policy Framework

This section consolidates the International Covenants on Disability, National Laws and Policies on Disability, Access Guidelines and Policy Framework for Accessibility in India. I hope this will immensely help you in your work or for advocating an accessible environment in your village, town and city. You need to click on the link to view and/or download the google document.

  1. UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, 2006,( 68 KB PDF) Click Here for Child Friendly Language) ( 122 KB PDF)  
  2. Optional Protocol to UNCRPD, 2006 ( 15 KB PDF)
  3. UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1990,(113 KB PDF) (Click Here for Child Friendly Language) (9 KB PDF)
  4. The United Nations Standard Rules for the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities. [Adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 20, 1993] [Opens in external website]
  5. UN Principles for the Protection of Persons with Mental Illness and the Improvement of Mental Health Care. [Adopted by General Assembly resolution 46/119 of 17 December 1991] [Opens in external website]
  6. Biwako Millennium Framework.(173 KB PDF)
  7. Salamanca Statement and Framework for Action 1994.(199 KB PDF)
Indian Standards on Accessibility in Built Environment and Guidelines (Latest being on top)
  1. Harmonized Guidelines and Space Standards for Barrier Free Built Environment for Persons with Disabilities and Elderly Persons (Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India, Feb 2016) (PDF Version)
  2. Handbook on Barrier Free and Accessibility (CPWD 2015) (PDF Version)
  3. Annexure D, Special Requirements for Planning of Public Buildings meant for use of physically challenged (National Building Code 2005) (PDF 2492KB)
  4. Model Building Bye Laws, 2004 - Town and Country Planning Organisation, Min. of Urban Development, Govt of India (PDF 2814 KB)
  5. Planning a Barrier Free Environment : Office of Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities 2001 (PDF  1036 KB)
  6. Guidelines and Space Standards for Barrier Free Built Environment for Disabled and Elderly Persons (CPWD 1998) (PDF  1728 KB)
Indian Guidelines on Web Accessibility 
  1. The National Policy for Persons with Disabilities 2006(English Version PDF 231 KB)
  2. राष्ट्रीय विकलाँग जन नीति 2005 (Hindi Version PDF 281 KB)
  1. Comprehensive Education Scheme for the Disabled Children under Section 30. (20 KB PDF)
  2. Scheme of Integrated Education for the Disabled Children (IEDC)[Opens in external website]
  1. Consolidated Instructions on Reservation for the Persons with Benchmark Disabilities issued vide No. 36035/02/2017-Estt (Res) dated 15 January 2018
  2. Inclusiveness and Accessibility Index (2016) - A toolkit for organization to promote inclusiveness of persons with disabilities. (1.3 MB PDF)
  3. List of Identified Posts for Persons with Disabilities -2007[Opens in external website]

  4. Instructions on Reservations for Persons with Disabilities in Government Jobs 29.12.2005.(30 KB PDF)
  5. 10 Days Special Casual Leave for employees with disabilities to participate in Conferences/Seminars/Training/Workshops etc. 14 Nov 2007 (1189 KB PDF)
Banking Facilities
  1. RBI Notification dated 19.11.2007 on Operation of Bank Accounts by Guardians appointed under National Trust Act, for Mental disabilities.(111 KB PDF)
  2. RBI Notification dated 04.06.2008 on Banking Facilities to the Visually Challenged.(9 KB PDF)
  3. RBI Master Circular on Customer Services 2009.(503 KB PDF)
  1. Policy for Preferential Allotment of Houses/Land to Persons with Disability. (122 KB PDF)
Travel Related Schemes/Policies
  1. DGCA CAR Carriage by Air - Persons with Disability and/or Persons with Reduced Mobility dt 28 Feb 2014

 Parking Stickers for persons with disabilities in Delhi

Parking facility is available to physically challenged persons using motor vehicles in "No Parking Area". Necessary parking sticker is issued on an application along with disability certificate to DCP/Traffic (VIP) as per the FAQs on Delhi Police Website